Monday, November 18, 2013

UniPhi to release version 10 of its project software suite in two weeks!

We are getting ready to release version 10.0 of our project management software. This version will see some major new pieces of functionality along with some subtle, but necessary tweaks and changes to the way the software operates, making it more accessible, even easier to use and more time efficient.

Multi language capability
The largest new feature is multi-language capability. This will mean that all labels and tabs can be displayed, dynamically in any language that is desired.

Multiple Language Capability
Over the coming weeks, the changes to each feature within the software will be magnified and explained in full so that the benefit of each change is made abundantly clear and understandable. A brief overview of these changes is as follows:

Reporting and document functionality
Flexibility and ease are already a huge part of document creation within UniPhi’s software. The release of UniPhi 10.0 will allow for even greater flexibilities and more control over the content of your documents and the way they appear to your stakeholders. Graph design is a large part of this, with more flexibility being allocated to sizing and positioning of graphs within any documents created. Release 10 of UniPhi will permit multiple documents to be consolidated into one document or report; allowing for an even faster document creation process. Selecting and adding issues are now things that can be done within the document creation process. The addition of ‘project custom fields’ allows the production of regular reports of any content type to occur. Document templates descriptors are now displayed within the document tab providing more context to the document list.

Improved my work summary
The ‘my work’ tab is the place where you will find the work that is directed to you and needs your attention. This aspect of the software sits at the core of our desire to promote efficiency. The ‘my work’ tab has always allowed users the capability to be able to see and plan their work weeks in advance, but it did not include all items assigned to any one individual. Summary information is now available in the ‘my work’ tab. Things such as due dates, risks, actions, contract deliverables and documents that require you input specifically are now viewable in ‘my work’.  

Enhanced email functionality
UniPhi 10 will see the subject line of an email sent with UniPhi be filled with the title of the document being sent, making emailing easier and less time consuming. UniPhi clients will also be given the ability to establish their own signatures within the corporate email signature that appears on all standard emails.

Financials- fees/costs/contracts/budgets
Financial information can now be displayed in varying degrees of detail. The contracts summary tab provides much more visibility on contract status, variations, adjustments, progress claims and the overall completion of the entire portfolio or individual project level.

The contracts tab now provides a more in-depth view with the name of the contract, the supplier, the status and information such as the percentage complete and variations status all viewable in the one tab.
A budget template control template allows for flexibility when reports are being produced.

Materials on Site is a new feature within the contracts tab that allows project managers to accept and pay for materials as they are delivered on site or to storage without impacting the overall contract value. Financial concepts such as disbursements, variations, claim adjustments, EOT’s and Materials on site, now all appear in their own and panels within the Contracts tab. 

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