Wednesday, November 07, 2018

UniPhi 14.1 - AR Dashboard

UniPhi 14, released in September, included expanded accounting integration with MYOB and Xero where invoices would be updated as paid when receipted in these systems and the organisations outstanding balance would be displayed.

AR Balance displays against customer/client within a contract
UniPhi 14.1 has expanded upon this, at request of our wonderful end users, to include an AR dashboard that shows all unpaid invoices and their ageing. It also includes cool bulk email functionality that allows you to send reminder emails to all, a filtered list or single invoice.

New listing of aged invoicing
To access this new screen, all you need to do is go into the Resources module and select AR Dashboard from the sub-navigation.

This new function allows users to view all invoices and filter based on how overdue they are (current, 0-30, 30-60, 60-90 or 90+ days). 
Date Filter

Bulk select invoices and email all unpaid clients in one go, straight out of UniPhi. Simply check the ones you wish to contact and write a standard email - no more individually emailing each client!

Bulk Emailing
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Friday, November 02, 2018

UniPhi 14.1 - Mobile Formatting

Our interface re-design released last year uses a wonderful CSS platform technology called Materialize. For those non-techy people, CSS provides the look and feel of the application. The wonderful bit about this platform is it provides for easy to code scaling of the application to different screen sizes. Unfortunately, being such a broad application, this still took a lot of time and money to implement and as we already had killer native apps (and still do) for iOS and Android, we held off making the changes....not any more!

Clients can now look forward to login into UniPhi on any screen size and having it automatically scale text, buttons etc. 

We have gone from this:

Previous UniPhi Mobile Login Screen

To this much more user-friendly screen - no more having to manually zoom in and out of the screen to be able to login!

14.1 Login Screen

This automatic scaling and formatting has been applied to all areas of the application. As you can see in the image below columns have been hidden. Only key information is now shown in smaller screens, making it quicker and easier to view, find and drill into the issue or information that you want.
Issues Tab in Mobile

An Individual Issue in Mobile
 Additional benefits, to automatic formatting, are that now the search functionality is available in all screen resolutions, meaning the full functionality of the web browser is now available in any screen size.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

UniPhi 14.1 - Copy paste from Excel

UniPhi 14.1 is set for release on Wednesday and one of the cool little enhancements is a move away from file importing to copy paste importing. The benefit of this approach is the removal of the black box nature of the file upload. Many excel imports required tacit knowledge with regards to the named ranges used to import the data, the order of the fields and when they failed, required a lengthy debugging process to fix. Now, all a user needs to do is highlight the range of data they wish to import (even if this includes data not to be included), copy the range and then paste it into our new "Paste from Excel" window. The paste provides instant feedback with the end user being able to see what data will and won't be imported right after the paste action. In some instances, they can fix the data quality issue directly in the UniPhi excel paste window rather than going back to the source file.
highlight the cells you wish to import - no need to format for data to be ignored

Columns not required are ignored. 

Instant feedback as to codes that don't exist and a host of other error handling responses

The breadth of this functionality includes:

Cash flow data for actual, forecast and budget
Whole of project budgets
Accounting transactions when accounting integration doesn't exist

This last feature enables Project Managers to get better access to the transaction data making up their actuals as Finance departments are able to send them extracts in excel and this data can then be managed within UniPhi leading to its end financial reports being leveraged across the portfolio.

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