Thursday, April 28, 2005

Finally a name that can match the software - UniPhi

Well, after several years of "mbh methodology version x" we have finally gotten our act together and come up with a decent name that can support what is a unique piece of software. A bit of derivation for those interested. I have always been interested in the uses of the irrational number PHI and was surprised when I employed three young software developers who were even more passionate about PI...except they were usually referring to the eating kind and spelt it pie. Still the correlation was close enough for me (as all probability is flawed anyway). Many of the bad jokes that we come up with are based around PI and PHI and it is common for our testing to include projects like "mmmm pie" or an issue may be raised that states "Ohhh I ate too much pi". Yes this is the typically sad humour that permeates around the office.

Then one day, I was harping on about how combinations of PI and PHI creates a perfect square meaning that it is possible to have perfect rationality from two forms of irrationality. From this banal conversation, we started on a brainstorming session on how to include Phi in our software name. We started off with Phi power or Phi squared and ended up with UNIPHI, which I think encompass everything that mbh is about; integrated heterogenous groups who may look like they're acting irrationally but are actually creating the perfect square.

So there you have it, the derivation of a name that one day...hopefully, will be known by many of you.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

UniPhi Blog Launched

UniPhi is an organisation wide project management solution, currently under development by mbh software.

This blog is intended to open communication channels between the developers of UniPhi, associates and customers of mbh, and the broader community.

Over the subsequent months, you can expect to read announcements related to product launch, details of exciting new features and information on development milestones. We encourage anyone with comments or feedback to step forward and be heard!