Monday, September 30, 2013

UniPhi partners with Project Services Associates to launch in the UK

UniPhi Managing Director Mark Heath is travelling to the UK to formally sign our first reseller agreement in the UK with Project Services Associates.

Project Services Associates (PSA) is a select group of independent project controls and project services practitioners.  All associates specialise in various project controls skills across different industry sectors covering: project planning, cost estimating, risk and value management, document control, and commercial and contract administration. The balancing of control with complex adaptive systems has been a key research piece of UniPhi since 1999. PSA brings pragmatic real world experience to the deployment of UniPhi's project management software, analysing where the fulcrum should be when balancing the total control to total chaos extremes of project management.

UniPhi looks forward to further announcements of UK clients taking up the software and being supported by the highly professional team at PSA.