Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wonderful new employees have landed!

Here at UniPhi, a lot of changes have been happening. We’ve successfully launched UniPhi 13, are looking at what’s next with version 14 and have been recruiting like a company possessed; hiring four brand new staff members in the past two months.

Introducing you to, in all their glory, our four new team members:

Drum roll......

Andrew Fist, Jason Zheng, Stephanie Larkin and Trudi Kirk!

Left to right: Andrew, Stephanie, Jason. (Trudi in spirit)

Andrew is our new national sales manager. He came to us from BST Global and has vast sales experience in the IT and SaaS sector. He is dedicated to matching businesses with the right solutions and is also so enthusiastic about working at UniPhi that he commutes 2 hours every day through thick and thin. That is some dedication to the cause.

Next is Jason, our handy resident software engineer, who was recently an intern at NVP Studio. He is experienced in writing code, from JavaScript, SQL to C#. In his spare time he plays guitar and if he plays guitar anywhere near as well as he writes code, he just might be the new office rockstar – watch out Mitch…

Stephanie is a recent graduate and our new marketing specialist. Having relocated from Melbourne, she likes to think of herself as the new office chair ornament and lord of marketing. You may also begin to recognize her work in all newsletters, emails, videos and blog posts.

And finally, Trudi our new UniPhi consultant, specialising in cost management. Due to her being located in Melbourne, we like to think of her as our second office ghost in Sydney, along with Simon Day, – you hear their voices but do you ever see them? In addition to her ghostly ways, she has had vast experience in all aspects of Cost management and has worked on a range of building construction projects. Trudi is your go to for cost benchmarking success.

Now that we have once again a full house and that the old staff have adjusted to the shock of change, we look forward to their future success becoming our success.