Tuesday, May 16, 2023

UniPhi 19 is around the corner

The date is set, developers stressed and we're gearing up for the launch of UniPhi 19. We've been providing snippets of this version at the end of each webinar over the past few months (with this month dedicating a full hour of a behind the curtain sneak peak).

The theme for UniPhi 19 is usability. Many user interfaces have been streamlined and enhanced to allow our end users to reduce clicks for data capture, display the data they need on a page and present an overall more pleasing experience. We're looking forward to feedback post launch.

Some of the highlights are.....

  • New template controls the get data out to non-licensed users
  • New charts that tell you something
  • Columns, columns and more columns
  • Issue workflows escalating to the right people at the right time
  • Month end snapshots - what's the point of that!
  • UniPhi ID (Centralised Login server)
  • Organisation and site statistics (We did how much business with them!)
  • Child custom fields updating from parent
  • Unsubscribe - never be notified again
  • UTC - you logged an issue at what time!


 All of these features and more will be presented at our May sneak peek webinar scheduled for noon AEST 24th May 2023. Register here.

Friday, March 10, 2023

With UniPhi - One System for One Project 13 Organisation

The construction and infrastructure industry is fragmented and adversarial. This environment means it takes some legendary project leadership to steer the listing ship towards a successful outcome for as many stakeholders as possible. Even when achieved, will always be sub-optimal compared to the project operating in a more integrated fashion. 


Listing construction project
Typical shape of a construction project

Project 13 has been developed to try and change this and along with the capable owner principle, one of the key other principles for integration is technology. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of value for software companies to invest in integrated supply chain systems for construction and infrastructure (which is very different to retail and manufacturing supply chains). The culture and contractual structure of the industries prevents the use of such a system. This is why most technology in the construction is bespoke and where collaboration is concerned, paves a cow path over old practices and workflows that have existed for generations.

UniPhi is the only solution on the market that can support end to end supply chain management for construction and infrastructure projects at such an affordable price that it can be used by any sized developer who manages to make themselves a capable owner. UniPhi's integrated solution supports the following end to end workflows into one database across the portfolio of projects for that owner:

  1. Document collaboration that's so simple anyone can use it. Lets face it, all you want is the latest drawings/specifications that relate to your work right?  How hard can it be? For some reason, very hard, but not with UniPhi.
  2. On-site data capture for anything including defects management, OHS processes, Toolbox talks, site photos and daily diaries.
  3. Issues collaboration from Subbie to Architect to Owner -  the engine room of any integrated project team and the real value generator for capable owners.
  4. Transparent extension of time, variation and progress invoicing assessment
  5. Cost tracking at any level of the supply chain/ stakeholder group so all parties know their project position AT COMPLETION.
  6. Earned value to assess progress and adjust the out turn cost.
  7. Risk management where beneficial over and above the issues module above

In the meantime, while the industry focuses on digital twins and niche on-site applications, UniPhi can be tailored to provide support to our end users in whatever part of the construction value chain. These UniPhi customers save massive amounts of time, have all information at their fingertips and are never troubled by adversarial contract negotiations as day to day issues have been tracked on the ground.

Integration of people with technology

Once the value chain, or customer therein, has used the system for a year, they then start to get the benefits of AI, trained on their data to make sure the cottage industry transforms to an integrated high performing industry.

Monday, February 06, 2023

UK Business awarded to two UK panels

UK Colleagues - Here we come!







In 2020, UniPhi UK was born. A partnership between UniPhi AUS and Project Services Associates (PSA) in the UK. Two years of covid lock downs and travel bans set us back a bit but the great work by PSA set the foundations that have led to this business now being embedded into not just the UK but Europe too. 







Last year, we managed to be awarded to two UK government panels (DOS6 and G-Cloud 13) that is now leading to a plethora of bids going in to UK government institutions. It's a great achievement from the UK team to get on these panels and we look forward to announcing some wins over the coming months.

2023 will see two UK roadshows to leverage these wins. The first in April will focus on our client side project management, contract admin cost bench-marking and practice management solutions with dates and locations to be announced early March. The second will be in November to support our project controls solutions. 

This investment is generously supported by the Australian Governments new version of the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) and we're very appreciative of this assistance. 

We also have been supporting some wonderful UK clients in cost benchmarking, NEC contracting and business management services. It has been a pleasure to have tested and fine tuned the UniPhi system to UK nuances with alignment to NEC, RICS and HM Treasury requirements. We are currently in final conversations with BCIS to leverage their data sets through our interfaces to further support our benchmarking services and we will announce on this platform the end outcome of these conversations next month.

If you're UK based and interested in finding out about our software, contact our UK sales team on +44 7748 703 444 or email us sales@uniphi-software.com 

We are excited to expand our support through an active recruitment campaign over the coming months. Just released today is a technical help-desk position with more roles soon to follow. More can be found on the current job here: