Monday, October 03, 2011

UniPhi 6.0 released and Data Warehouse Out of The Box announced!

Well UniPhi 6.0 has been out now for 3 months. Check out the press release for new features. We've quickly moved on to the next round of developments. The big launch for UniPhi will be our next release which will see what I believe is the first data warehouse and BI out of the box application on the market. The unique structure of UniPhi has enabled us to develop a data warehouse process and analysis services cubes that cut the need for internal naval gazing and reflection. Most companies spend millions defining their warehouse structure and designing and building BI Tools to overlay this data with tools for end users. UniPhi provides all of this structure out of the box. Deploy UniPhi either on your own SQL and Web server boxes or subscribe to our cloud infrastructure and bingo you're ready to analyse your data and see how you're performing. Use the profit cube to analyse fees, book to burn rations, slipping projects, market segments that you're performing well in or not so well and employees who are kicking goals both for and against.

I will update with more info on this exciting development in the coming months.