Monday, October 29, 2018

UniPhi 14.1 - Copy paste from Excel

UniPhi 14.1 is set for release on Wednesday and one of the cool little enhancements is a move away from file importing to copy paste importing. The benefit of this approach is the removal of the black box nature of the file upload. Many excel imports required tacit knowledge with regards to the named ranges used to import the data, the order of the fields and when they failed, required a lengthy debugging process to fix. Now, all a user needs to do is highlight the range of data they wish to import (even if this includes data not to be included), copy the range and then paste it into our new "Paste from Excel" window. The paste provides instant feedback with the end user being able to see what data will and won't be imported right after the paste action. In some instances, they can fix the data quality issue directly in the UniPhi excel paste window rather than going back to the source file.
highlight the cells you wish to import - no need to format for data to be ignored

Columns not required are ignored. 

Instant feedback as to codes that don't exist and a host of other error handling responses

The breadth of this functionality includes:

Cash flow data for actual, forecast and budget
Whole of project budgets
Accounting transactions when accounting integration doesn't exist

This last feature enables Project Managers to get better access to the transaction data making up their actuals as Finance departments are able to send them extracts in excel and this data can then be managed within UniPhi leading to its end financial reports being leveraged across the portfolio.

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