Wednesday, June 06, 2018

UniPhi 14 - August 1 Release Date Set

Earlier this year we sent out a survey to our end users, asking what new features they would like in UniPhi 14. We received a lot of useful feedback (the results were posted back in April) which has helped us greatly with developing the new release. It has now been two months since then and we don't want to put pressure on the software developers but the release date has been set for August, so they better get cracking.

One of the top requested updates we received was for resource planning and so we have gone ahead and added:
  • Ability to forecast future timesheets which is then integrated with resource planning. Forecast timesheet hours will now be added to or replace the existing forecast resource planning information on that day.
  • “Offset” functionality to allow for a resource or all resources on a project, tactical plan. This new feature allows for a resource plan to be broken down into a more detailed and itemized day or week view, as opposed to the current more strategic monthly project overview.
  • Copy a resource profile enables to set up one phased allocation profile and copy it to others on the project.
  • Faster bulk updating of resource allocation by clicking the apply changes and submit buttons
  • Enhanced reporting See who is over and under allocated both next week and over the next x months.
New forecast timesheet screen
Besides resource planning, there were a bunch of other features that were requested, including feasibility, API capabilities and new visualization dashboards, amongst other. Based on these request, we have also:
  • Upgraded outlook integration with drag and drop filing.
  • Enhanced accounting integration including allocation of disbursements captured in the accounting system to an invoice and the creation of a debtors dashboard.
  • Tweaked the new interface updates such as speed and improved navigation. Its amazing the affect some of these simple tweaks have had on early adopters of UniPhi 14.
  • Cost/benefit analysis capability via enhanced integration between metrics, revenue and costs module including deriving revenue and costs from metrics. 
  • Added API capabilities which allow users to directly access UniPhi data through Microsoft Power BI and create their own dashboards and visuals. This is a lot more efficient for end users as they no longer have to download an excel spreadsheet and re-upload to create custom dashboards! It is also, conveniently, a two for one solution for users wanting to integrate apps and produce new visualization capabilities.
  • Enhanced mobile optimization to make UniPhi more accessible from anywhere, on the move
We will be providing a dedicated blog entry to each of the above over the next two months as we prepare to go live. The more expansive features will also get their very own webinar. Make sure you register your attendance.

If you wish to receive an early release of UniPhi 14, send your request to