Monday, November 11, 2019

1 week until UniPhi 15.1!

Our next mini release is just around the corner!

This time next week we will be releasing UniPhi 15.1 which will come with a bunch of features updates and changes. It will also include a brand new module - which if you attended the October webinar you will have already seen a teaser of it...

Over the next two weeks we will be posting about each update which includes:

  • Feature: Contracts: Added ability to link Variations directly to Issues
  • Feature: Contracts: Added variation custom fields
  • Feature: Cost: Added a "Mixed" cost dashboard, which contains Approved Budget, Commitments, Actuals, Uncommitted Variations and Remaining Budget
  • Feature: Documents: Added ability to manually mark invoice, progress claim, variation order and purchase order documents as processed if there is no accounting integration. If there is an accounting integration, the processed (exported) status will be visible in the documents tab
  • Feature: Expenses: Added ability to bulk upload via paste from excel
  • Feature: Resources: Resource Planning may now be bulk imported from excel on the Resources dashboards page
  • Change: Expenses: Added "Claim As" option for Administrators so they can data enter on behalf of other users
  • Change: Expenses: Administrator licensed users may import and update expenses on behalf of multiple users at one time.
  • Change: Expenses: Can now be entered either inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Change: Expenses: When importing expenses, allow resource look up based on first initial and surname.
  • Change: Documents: Issue Selector template control now allows multiple issues to be selected.
And of course a post dedicated to our brand new module: Feasibility!

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