Monday, November 11, 2013

UniPhi Core To Internal AECOM Innovation Award Win

Each year, AECOM, as part of a global program to recognise outstanding innovations, hands out awards in excellence to honour the standard of work produced by client projects and business achievements of their nominated parties. This year, a PCC Global Initiative, Global Unite was submitted for consideration of the excellence award for best innovation and has subsequently and deservingly won.

With the implementation of UniPhi’s project management software, Global Unite allows for cost estimators to be able to access project cost information from 10,000 projects, allowing for a better understanding of the relationship between design decisions, their cost and their resulting performance. Clients who have implemented Global Unite have seen a boost in value creation and the efficiency at which this information is delivered to them. This obviously aids in promoting more efficient, and succinct work outcomes.

Innovation drives the Global Unite project. Part of this innovation is the fact that the Global Unite project adopts complex adaptive tools and processes to manage complex projects, rather than employing traditional project management tools. Another aspect of the project’s innovative nature is its ability to encourage and promote collaborative efforts across continents, while promoting and producing efficient communications and therefore work outcomes. Global Unite is live in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, with Asia due to go live in early 2014. While centring itself on building projects, in 2014, Global Unite will be enhanced even further to allow knowledge from infrastructure projects to be captured.

UniPhi’s project management software was adapted specifically for Global Unite and plays a vital role in the way Global Unite operates. It therefore sits at the core of the success of the project as a whole and is an integral facet in the huge collaborative effort that put the project together to see it become the winner of AECOM’s excellence award for best innovation of the year 2013. 

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