Tuesday, May 03, 2005

UniPhi Reporting and Dashboards

The last few days have seen some exciting developments in the area of dashboards and reporting on the vast amount of information currently captured by UniPhi. We have successfully deployed Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, and upon inspection of the many features available, we feel the platform will greatly enhance the functionality and flexibility of our reporting options.

Some of the key features we are most excited about include exporting reports in many formats such html, excel and pdf, ease and speed of reporting development, a strong security focus, and most importantly the customisation options that will be available to the end user. With limited training, a UniPhi administrator will be able to create customised reports and have those published to the rest of the organisation.

The feedback from the development community seems to be that Reporting Services is far superior to the ever popular Crystal Reports for ASP.NET development. Based on a cursory glace at the APIs available, I can certainly see why.