Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stats, stats and more stats

Got introduced to a new piece of software yesterday called HubSpot. Goes to show how hard it is to get awareness (either that or I really do live under a rock) as I'd never heard of the software and yet it looks extremely popular. It has the benchmark 10,000+ clients which seems to be the minimum for B2B software these days and has the most amazing list of marketing stats I have ever seen.

This page is an incredible array of stats that has made me realise just how inadequate our online marketing is and how difficult it is going to be to change this. But, this has inspired me to blog (multiple blogs per DAY do lead to sales apparently) and to review the resource mix with focus definitely now on marketing and sales staff. So if you're interested in working for us, check out the job ad page on our site soon for new positions.

Back on topic of the marketing stats, does anyone in my network actually achieve some of the KPIs referenced? I'd love to know how many staff it takes to meet these targets (e.g. over 40 landing pages and multiple blog posts per day!).

Also, any comments out there on hubspot, specifically what it does and how this helps. I've had a cursory look at the website and am yet to work it out. If I get time to review the immense array of information and form my own opinion I'll be sure to let you know.

UniPhi's YouTube channel

Another long term marketing initiative has finally been completed. We now have a  "huge" suite of 5 software demos on the UniPhi Software YouTube channel Lots of feedback from the local network including "love the elevator music". While the production quality is a work in progress we hope these videos assist those interested to see how simple the tool is to use and the real benefits we know exist when deploying our software.

Below is a list of the six topics covered  with links to the web pages at

UniPhi for Your Business - overview of our enter once use many philosophy targeted to project based businesses and their practice management.
Issues Management - the engine room of project management.
Risk Management - what, risk management plans actually executed, why I never!
Document Management - Not just a repository (or should that be supository) but a content generator and integrator.
Financial Management - The pain of keying in timesheet data made useful and therefore worthwhile.

Feel free to lampoon or encourage whichever takes your fancy. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

More are pending so if you like our software and want to keep abreast of updates, follow us for updates.