Monday, September 22, 2014

Problem 13 - Brand Non - Compliance

In this crazy diverse world of branding, it's no wonder that companies need a tool to ensure consistency.

From head to footer, Microsoft Word will allow the user to tweak the look, feel and style of a document; Microsoft Word is there to dress and impress. But it's not just always about the style, it's how you carry it. Let's go back to branding. With all these different styles, companies or organisations often develop one approved style that all employees are suppose to apply to documents they send out. Here is where the problem comes in, how can we make sure the style is carried out smoothly?
UniPhi Documents have their style applied by a style sheet when being rendered to PDF. In addition documents are generated from standard templates. These templates ensure that the document's style cannot be altered in any way, right to the last mm. All documents generated through UniPhi, stick to the same look and feel. The templates also allow for auto generation of content, rather than having to waste time filling in all the details on every document.
Normally, if a company changes it's logo or address, it would take months to change all the documents, but UniPhi's templates allows for this change to occur in 2 minutes, as documents are generated dynamically from a referenced logo. While UniPhi won't let you go nuts with the same tweaks as MS word, it does assure that your brand is apparent and consistent. 

 "Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect." - Jack Dorsey

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

UniPhi 11 is coming!

    We're excited to announce that UniPhi 11 is on it's way!

'N' Levels of cost coding is here!
The key new feature of UniPhi 11 is a complete overhaul of the cost tab and the standard charts of accounts which now allow for an unlimited number of coding levels (well 12 but we didn't think anyone would ever have more than that). Included in this is the ability for project managers to drill below the standard chart and capture cost details like individual resources or specific material items.

UniPhi CRM 
UniPhi's core product now has organisation and sites functionality. This key feature now means that the application is a fully fledged CRM as well as a portfolio and project management application. You can track revenue and profitability by organisation and location as well as see all correspondence sent or received to/from a company, location and individual.

Other features include:

- Ability to define multiple project lifecycles

- Added a "paid" flag to invoices which can be set in the "Completed Claims" panel of the contracts tab and is available in the "Invoice Listing" report in UniPhi

- Excel template for importing deliverables now allows for all heading types, account codes and schedule dates

- Supplier and Principal details are included in all contract document registers

Project custom fields 
- Can now be linked to any the main project filters
-  Now allow "checklists" (now you can be even more organised!)

- Added Contact List report to Project reports tab

Watch this space for the announcement of the release!

Monday, September 08, 2014

UniPhi Managing Director to present at AIPM National Conference

We are excited to announce that Mark Heath will be presenting at the AIPM National conference on Monday 13th of October, from 11:30am-12:15pm. The conference will be focusing on a topic dear to our heart- Delivering benefits and value from projects.

A bit of background on the AIPM...

"The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the premier body for project management in Australia. It is the longest serving specialist project management body in Australia."

The event starts off with a bang; happy hour! 

This year young emerging professionals, have the opportunity to take part in an exhibition exposing them to the challenging but very exciting world of Project Management.

But why is this year's event a lot more to look forward to? Mark will be presenting that's why! His presentation will look into how a project manager must broaden their knowledge of as many methods and tools as possible, and apply whichever they think is appropriate, rather than the one size fits all standardization approach, enforced on them by PMO's in many companies.

The AIPM will be another great opportunity for UniPhi to show audiences around the nation, and even international visitors, the importance of an innovation in Project Management!

It's always great to listen to speakers live, you see a number of content posted online, but actually being at an event, watching and listening to presenters, interacting with those around you, forming face to face opinions, really makes events like these memorable. 

"Worry less about sounding professional, and worry more about creating remarkable content, that other humans can relate to"
- Ann Handley

Monday, September 01, 2014

New starters at UniPhi

We have three new starters beginning their UniPhi life last month. +Rajeel Deo, +Sandra Szubert and Javaria Ahmed!

Sandra is our new Creative Consultant, Sandra has experience in graphic design, photography and marketing. She has also done studies in visual communication (design), and has an interest in blog writing. She is excited to bring her creative abilities to the UniPhi team.

Rajeel has joined the team as an Accountant. Raj is a commerce graduate specialising in Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Sydney. Apart from his field of study, Raj has an interest in motor racing and administering online community forums in the motor racing industry in Fiji. Due to this interest, Raj has also developed his own consulting platform where he provides advice and support to grow Fiji’s motor racing industry.

Javaria has also joined the team as a Software Developer. Javaria has been working as a software developer for the past 8 years. Her skill set includes .Net (desktop and web applications), JAVA (Struts applications) and PHP. She has done her Masters in Computer Science and is interested in android development. 

Welcome to our company guys I hope you enjoy working here!