Tuesday, June 29, 2021

UniPhi 17 - New invoice sub-nav

UniPhi 17 simplifies various contract screens by moving components into their own sub-navigation. Included in this is the summary screen which displays summary information about the contract

Contract summary 

The edit details screen

Edit contract details 

The value screen which we have covered in several blog posts on UniPhi 17

Contract value screen The schedule screen which is the topic of our next blog post.

Contract schedule screen

And the Invoice screen which we're covering today. 

Contract invoice screen

Believe it or not, in UniPhi 16, all of this information was captured in the one screen!

Breaking these components (which are utilised at different stages of a projects life and by different users) has allowed for enhanced the features available. My personal favourite in the invoice screen is the "incomplete" filter that allows you to remove from view all line items that have been invoiced to 100%. This has made invoicing for our complex projects significantly simpler.

Recommendation view for progress recommendations

The recommendation view is a QS dream (actually not quite, we still need to incorporate the ability to add custom fields to this screen - The 20 columns there currently just aren't quite enough).

The colour coding represents the relevant sections of the recommendation including value, contractors claim, the QS assessment and reasons for variances to contractors assessment.

Instead of having all related templates for the contract in a panel in that one monster screen referenced earlier, each sub-nav has a new documents action button that contextualises the template list to that section of the system . For example, clicking new document in the cost contracts invoice screen presents you with the progress payment templates list:

Contextual templates 

Time in motion studies and our own assessment of time for month end invoicing has demonstrated these changes can save 50% over UniPhi 16 when preparing and processing invoices.