Friday, November 15, 2013

Problem 3- Cut and Paste Consolidated Reporting

Typically, program managers or PMO manager (Project Management Office or Portfolio Management Office) have to manage multiple project managers at one time. The problem is that all these project managers send their reports in Word, Excel or Powerpoint format, causing the PMO manager to have to cut and paste the information into other reports in order to send them off to program sponsors, senior management and/or external clients. This is can be a time consuming and tedious task.

UniPhi’s project management software has simple escalation functionality that allows a project manager to eliminate cut and paste reporting and tag issues and risks that need to be escalated to these senior groups. This means that these stakeholders can view the critical information that needs their attention either on screen or receive it in report format. This encourages the management and resolution of any issues

Formal reporting can now be automated with our new document within a document feature. This is where a program manager can incorporate ten project management reports into a new consolidated report without needing to cut and paste information.

It also is able to consolidate financial and time information in an almost limitless number of ways: how much money did we spend in this electorate on road construction last financial year?  How much has been committed against budget for the far north of Queensland? How much was spent across all of Australia on bitumen? All of this can be found with one click

The end result of eliminating the need for cut and paste reporting is that instead of simply reporting reasons why a project is struggling or going to be unsuccessful, time can be spent actually managing and leading the programs and projects to successful outcomes.

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