Sunday, September 03, 2006

Upgrading MS Project 2002 Standard to MS Project 2003

A new issue has arisen in the integration of MS Project into UniPhi. Extra information is stored in MS Project 2003 Standard and Professional. This extra information requires changes to the database structure. This was not a problem initially as the original version of MS Project 2003 updated the table structure upon saving the first 2003 version into the database. However, this application is already onto its second service pack and in these patches is the elimination of this update functionality. Microsoft now supplies a SQL patch to update the database with the new fields and the one new table required for the application to run in 2003. Versions older than 2003 still function in the updated database structure and hence, we have included this new database design in the standard UniPhi 2.4 deployment.

Service pack 2 for MS Project 2003 (which includes the bug fixes of service pack 1) can be found here.

The SQL Script that updates the database can be downloaded here