Thursday, July 30, 2020

UniPhi 16 - New Embedded Dashboards

Each module in UniPhi has its own dashboard views of the data contained therein. Unlike document templates, this can only be viewed by licensed users (unless you like snipping screens). However, as UniPhi's vision is to be the one app to rule them all, we hope that all users in the project environment are on our platform and hence the document templates become less relevant while our embedded dashboards become much more relevant.

For our property development clients, the cost dashboard is a key output of UniPhi. Being able to see the portfolio of projects in one screen and now that any variances to budget is based off live up to the minute information is unique in the marketplace.

Cost dashboard with forecast versus approved budget across the portfolio

UniPhi 16 has added a new dashboard for users that leverages our accounting integrations. The new dashboard is the AP dashboard and can be found in the resources module. Just like it's twin sister the AR dashboard, it will display all outstanding supplier invoices and their age. This will mean project managers no longer need to check with accounts to answer a supplier who is chasing payment, they can even check the balance from their phone while talking to the contract on-site.

AP Dashboard
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