Monday, September 14, 2020

UniPhi 16 - Portfolio Importing Via Excel Copy Paste

One of the major features of UniPhi 16 is a new copy paste from excel function for updating portfolio data. 

This feature allows users to import a whole range of data about projects into UniPhi as well as providing a means for mass updating meta data. The workflow in the latter option is to export the project list to excel using the portfolio summary report and then update each project with whatever has changed and then paste this back into UniPhi. 

This is a great feature for if you are setting up your deployment or need to update it and have a whole bunch of project data in an excel spreadsheet. It will also significantly shorten the time needed to edit projects, as in excel you can sort and filter projects in order to bulk update areas (eg. address or location) using the drag to fill option.

UniPhi then automatically recognises and groups data to a project based on the project ID, so copying it back into the system is an incredibly efficient process that avoids any data duplication. 

Check out how to use this nifty new function in the video below:

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