Monday, September 14, 2020

New Self-Guided Training!

Do you ever sit at work and wonder how you could better keep track of your workflows including contractual response times?

What about how to track and manage RFIs, defects management or design reviews? Ever had issues keeping on top of contractual compliance and complying with securities of payments? Or perhaps you've onboarded some new staff and need them to get up to speed ASAP.

Did you know that all of the above can be done in our Issues Management module? That it's not just for tracking tasks or issues but can be set up to manage a whole variety of workflows and project types?

Well now you can find out exactly how with our new online self-guided training course!

Our new Issues Management course covers everything from the basics of creating issues to all the different use cases of the system. It's particularly great for discovering how our various clients are using the system in different ways to manage the workflows and projects mentioned above. 

Self-Guided Training - Issues Management

This course has been been broken down into sections which is perfect for picking and choosing what you want to cover and when. 
Progress Tracking

You can easily start and stop whenever you like (it handily keeps track with a progress bar) and pace the training to a schedule that suits you. If you've already got the basics covered, you can also skip to whatever part of the system you want to learn from the sections below:
  1. Introduction
  2. Issues for Planning a Project
    1. Create a Project
    2. Issues for Project Planning
    3. Issues for Workflow
  3. Issues for Tracking a Project
    1. Issues for RFIs 
    2. Issues for Defect Management
  4. Review Issues, Tasks & Correspondence
    1. Reviewing Tasks & Communication
    2. Close out Issues
So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to learn the basics or discover new ways to use the Issue Management system - get started on our Issues Training course today!

This course is run on Udemy and can be found at the following link (or links above): 

We would love to hear what you think of our first self-guided course, so if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us at

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