Thursday, August 06, 2020

UniPhi 16 - New API End Points for Power BI Dashboards

After a slow start, our integration with Power BI is starting to be utilised to its fullest by many of our clients. This has been very exciting for us as we get to see the sorts of reports and data analytics end users really want with the data they input into UniPhi. This is driving great ideas for our UniPhi 17 release where we plan to embed small visualisations throughout the application to assist users to gain insigths into their work, project or portfolio of projects just as they add more content to the system.

To assist this, we've had to rapidly build out our API. New end points included in our 16 release are:
  • ForecastToComplete
  • MilestoneHistory
  • PersonRate
  • TimesheetForecast
And some extra fields added:
  • ClassificationCode field to Person endpoint
  • Current cost and charge rates to the Person endpoint
If you don't know what we're talking about in terms of Power BI and UniPhi, check out the various videos here:

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