Tuesday, July 31, 2018

UniPhi 14 - RESTful API linked to PowerBI

UniPhi 14 provides an enormous stride forward for users in accessing their data. During this release, we expanded our RESTful API to include a lot more endpoints. The RESTful API provides a user friendly way of accessing UniPhi data without needing to understand the relationships across 400 tables and the business logic embedded within the UniPhi app. Using PowerBI, users can connect to an "end point" or table of information using the "Web" connector available from the "Get Data" function in PowerBI.

API documentation will be published as part of our 14 release and one of the key uses for this API is connecting the "end points" to PowerBI. This connection enables end users to design their own live dashboard reports and analyse their data in new and fascinating ways.

We have also created some standard dashboards to assist users in getting started. These will be presented as PBIX files (The PowerBI file extension) for users to download and then open in PowerBI desktop, a free desktop application downloadable from Microsoft.

There will be webinars on this new feature in coming weeks and its sure to be the biggest hit of the release. Here's some screenshots from our Major Projects demo site.

Cost Benchmarking

Geographic analysis

Financial performance

Timeline with key milestones - beats a Gantt Chart!

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