Friday, July 20, 2018

UniPhi 14 - New Reports

UniPhi has used Microsoft SQL Reporting Services as the platform for reports since 2003. This is a solid platform for producing tabular reports that export to excel and can be embedded in a web app but they're not best for graphically rich interfaces and require a software developer to write the underlying SQL queries to produce them. This is expensive and removes the ability for clients to do custom reports (hence our template engine from the previous blog post).

So why keep using this platform? Well, it turns out that senior execs like the ability to run ad-hoc tabular style reports that answer the key questions they're looking to be answered. This epiphany arrived across my desk via a one-on-one with one of our key client's CEO. She was telling me that it's great that her CFO can do all these funky pivot tables and graphs of information but often she just wants to know the profit on a job, which jobs are off track or which clients are buying and which aren't. She also wants to be able to run a report, know the data is live and accurate and the ability to get this information is fantastic.

With that in mind, UniPhi 14 comes with some funky new reports to support our CEOs everywhere:

Portfolio Profitability by Project - A new method of calculating portfolio profitability and enabling team profitability assessment.

Resource Custom Fields - Get access to your custom resource data. Great for managing campaigns and prospecting. See the movie:

Project Profiles - Issue pretty reports on projects you've completed

Contracts Requiring Formal Approval - Monitoring where things are at in the approvals workflow

Lifecycle Budget vs Actual Forecast - Compare a project's budget snapshot to phased actual/forecast values during a lifecycle phase which enables project managers to track staged budget releases (e.g. Masterplan budget v actual, concept design budget v actual etc)

Forward Workload Summary and Detail - For tactical resource planning and will be the subject of a blog post soon.

Tender Analysis: Elemental Rates per Key Metric - For analysing anomalies in contractor quotes where one element may be significantly cheaper than competitors and hence might have misunderstood the requirement

Tender Analysis: Project Rates per Key Metric and Percentage - "Who's the cheapest, let's go with them" Said the King

Contract Export - Feed other systems with data dumps from UniPhi. This could be superseded by our API but we'll see over the next 12 months

Metric Export and Elemental Metric Export reports to the benchmark report tab.

Defects Log - Long awaited for by our Ridgmill friends. I hope it fits the bill?! Another one to get its own blog post soon.

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