Tuesday, July 24, 2018

UniPhi 14 - Email Notifications

There's been a lot of expansion to the UniPhi email notifications in version 14. Thanks to considerable feedback from our lovely end users, we've added the following:
  1. Notifications on new projects created. This has been added to assist bid teams when new opportunities are logged into UniPhi
  2. Notifications on new actions you've been assigned to. This handy feature came about due to the great success of an independent verification deployment. There was so much activity that we had to get more nuanced as to the changes. Now, an engineer will know they've been assigned a new surveillance or review action rather than having to check modified activities/issues to see if that modification affected them.
  3. Notifications of documents awaiting your sign off contextualised to the lowest delegated authority. This was hurriedly implemented when a CEO did not like being notified of a document awaiting sign-off before all the underlings had already signed it off. Of course, unbeknown to the CEO was our experience of other CEOs incorrectly signing off contracts and invoices because they blindly relied on the fact that the underlings had already signed off the document. The question here being, what value are they adding signing the document off? With UniPhi presenting all the information they need in one screen, I would imagine a more productive thing would be that if they did sign it off before others then the whole document gets signed off. Alas, a battle for another day.
  4. Notifications on signed off documents. This helps external PMs (to a client of construction services) know when instructions have been signed off so they can then send the notice to the contract. The majority of UniPhi clients these days are developers who then engages with their external consultants to use UniPhi to manage their projects. This provides significant productivity savings for all organisations concerned of up to 50% on the activities undertaken in UniPhi.
Notification Email

UniPhi email notifications has always been a bane of contention with our team and our philosophy of providing a platform product for people to collaborate but truth be told, it is crucial to successful deployments. Hopefully these new features will assist in future deployments being even more successful.

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