Wednesday, July 25, 2018

UniPhi 14 - Defects Management

4 years ago, we released our OnSite mobile apps product. The main focus of this product was to assist in the management of defects, as per this blog post at the time.

Since then, the majority of use for these apps has been in site surveillances carried out by independent review engineers on infrastructure projects. The app has supported all sorts of new roads and rail networks. However, it hasn't been used much for its intended purpose. Hopefully, UniPhi 14 will assist in changing this.

The main issue in using it for defects was that the correspondence that was logged as comments in the issues module of UniPhi couldn't be extracted easily to share with non-UniPhi users. We use reporting services for our reports (see this post) and we didn't know how to strip the HTML stored in our database when using this platform. Turns out, there's a setting for that, so we now have the defects management report!

New Defects Log Report - With Comments!

This report puts all image files uploaded into their own column and adds all comments into the report as well. This new capability (that was there and hidden the whole time - Doh!) has opened up issues management to broader than just defects, with RFIs, Safety and other types of issues being able to be shared with non-UniPhi users as a register with all comments, actions, due dates and ratings.

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