Tuesday, November 09, 2021

UniPhi for Pre-Sales

UniPhi has two main purposes in life: 1) provider an umbrella application to unite all applications in an organisation or project ecosystem (one application to rule them all) and 2) provide software that people want to use.

This umbrella purpose has meant delving further and further upstream (i.e. pre-sales) and downstream (i.e. maintenance and operations) of a project's life. This blog post is all about pre-sales and the two methods UniPhi provides to support these activities. The first method is a "use UniPhi for your CRM" method. The second is "integrate UniPhi with your CRM Apps". And there will definitely be a little from column A and a little from column B for all organisations. 

The key to UniPhi being able to seamlessly integrate with numerous apps is the fact that we have data entry options for most of these things as well and hence the data mapping is already done. Then with both UniPhi and most CRM apps having fantastic RESTful APIs, we can glue them together in days rather than months and that means huge savings.

The power of UniPhi's REST API and broad interfaces


So what use cases are UniPhi capable of taking care of from within its own interfaces. Here's the list:

  • Source of truth for contacts
  • Have sign up forms from your website come directly to UniPhi's contacts database
  • Flag contacts with all sorts of meta data (e.g. sector, key target, blue sky revenue etc)
  • Export these contacts for campaign management to various apps via excel or API
  • Add prospect conversations to a contact
  • Create leads with actions and conversations linked back to the contact
  • Convert the lead to an opportunity or bid project
  • Assess that bid with go/no go decision support and documentation
  • Create the estimate
  • Forecast risk adjusted cash flows and resource profiles
  • Create the proposal document
  • Convert the bid to a project automatically updating the resource plan and cash flow.

You'll note from the above that you will need campaign management software to assist you to manage your digital and traditional marketing processes.  However, to support this, in coming months UniPhi will have direct API integration with the following applications:

  • Hub Spot
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp

The main integration with these apps will be the synchronisation of contacts with the idea that both systems can merge contacts, UniPhi can be the source of truth and push distribution lists to these systems or the CRM can be the source of truth and push contacts to UniPhi. 

What else would you want to be communicated across these apps?

Are there any others you would like to see on this list?  

Contact us via email at info@uniphi.com.au to suggest an app.

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