Monday, July 04, 2016

UniPhi 12 - Notes for resources

Until UniPhi 12, nearly all data captured in UniPhi was captured against a project. This included all CRM information. Organisations would set up sales lead projects and add issues for contacts that they are engaging with. Then all the communication features of UniPhi would come to live to track all correspondence across the entire target organisation, it's various locations and the people within that location.

However, feedback from our customers was that sometimes you just want to log a comment against a person. It may be a coffee catch up, a phone call that doesn't relate to the sales lead issue or a thought bubble. So, UniPhi 12 comes with comments made directly against the resource. This is the first bit of formal functionality that is not project based.

To add a comment a user clicks on the target contacts name or searches for them (using the new advanced resource search functionality if necessary) and there between the basic contact details of the resource and the custom fields created is a comments panel.

And just like the issues system, it is threaded with the ability to filter for who made the comment in the thread so if you have a collaborative approach you can filter out all other comments other than your own (or the BDMs or other filtered resource).

With the expansion of custom field functionality and the adding of assets to the resource module, the UniPhi 12 release comes with a range of non-project based data. I'm sure UniPhi 13 will see us leverage these steps into the non-project based world.

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