Wednesday, August 01, 2018

UniPhi 14 - Outlook Integration

The outlook plugin has been upgraded to support MS Office 64-bit . The outlook plugin was first released in 2007 and has been a favourite of many users for some time. I know one of our N.Z. colleagues is really going to like the fact that it now supports 64-bit office as his contractors have been asking for it but have been unable to deploy it due to the 32-bit limitation.

The outlook plugin allows you to save emails directly into UniPhi either as an issue for resolution or as a document with all attachments then becoming available for others to download. The communications module is automatically updated with the email accessible by all team members. The correspondence is also logged against the various parties correspondence register as well.

Outlook Plugin "Save as Issue" Form

Communications Tab Filtered for Email

Users Correspondence Log

This is the first in a number of upgrades to the plugin that will be rolled out progressively in the coming year. Next will be drag and drop functionality for your issues and documents along with background processing. We willl be showing off this capability in our October 2018 webinar.

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