Wednesday, August 01, 2018

UniPhi 14 - Feasibility Analysis

The original scope of UniPhi back in 2003 was to codify the project management methodology we had developed and were selling at the time, as well as, create software that managed the feasibility modelling that I had developed in spreadsheets. These models included base case NPV build ups, sensitivity models, probability allocations for Monte Carlo simulations and option pricing on real assets using the standard deviation of the Monte Carlo as the volatility value. 15 years later, we have released the first two elements of this! And it's good.

The reasons this has taken so long are many and varied. It was quite a challenge for our young development team at the time to get their heads around discounted cash flows, but also, as we approached businesses about this capability, no one seemed interested. In fact, we had far more success selling qualitative prioritisation frameworks than we did NPV.

NPV Dashboard
Fast forward to the present and developers in the construction industry (particular aged care) have come baying for blood if I don't do this! Well, it's now here and utilises many of the cash flow features we have been developing since UniPhi 11.

I'll be conducting a webinar on this feature on Friday at 12pm AEDT. The recording of the webinar will be posted back here when it's done. 

To attend the webinar register at:

Hope you can join me to see this exciting new feature then.

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