Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Feature! 'Save As Document' Outlook Plugin.

For some time now we have had a neat integration with MS Outlook that has allowed users of our web based software applications to log emails into the application via what we call the "Save as Issue" Outlook plugin.

Well now we have the 'Save As Document' plugin for Outlook. With this additional functionality we believe we now have the ingredients to eliminate the dreaded In Box pile up. One CEO our MD worked with recently had over 2,000 emails in their In Box and over 200 were unread! Imagine what was being missed!?!

Simply put, to save your email as a document in Uniphi, all you have to do is click the icon we have designed for you, and your on your way!

The plugin also offers document preferences, once you have clicked onto the 'Save As Document' icon, a window will pop up and present you with a number of selectable options: Category, Template, and Status of the document, that you are about to save your email to.

Screen shot example of  'Save As Document' plugin
being used in Outlook

Once you're ready to Save and view into your document, all the content that you just saved from your email can now be found in the document that you have either freshly created or amended. And of course, if you wanted to keep working on your document, all you have to do is click on the edit button in the document (as you normally would), and you're free to add or change anything in the document. 

Screen shot example of editing a document in UniPhi, after attaching an
email with the new plugin
Since using UniPhi, I didn't have a need for email, but of course, like many other organisations, there will always be external communications, who may not have discovered UniPhi yet. From my first hand experience using the plugin, I can tell you that it was such a relief to have a tool that allowed me to store emails quickly and easily into a document.

This is just another way that UniPhi has emptied out your inbox, and stored your important data safely for you to edit, and access any time, any day, without hassle! 

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