Monday, September 22, 2014

Problem 13 - Brand Non - Compliance

In this crazy diverse world of branding, it's no wonder that companies need a tool to ensure consistency.

From head to footer, Microsoft Word will allow the user to tweak the look, feel and style of a document; Microsoft Word is there to dress and impress. But it's not just always about the style, it's how you carry it. Let's go back to branding. With all these different styles, companies or organisations often develop one approved style that all employees are suppose to apply to documents they send out. Here is where the problem comes in, how can we make sure the style is carried out smoothly?
UniPhi Documents have their style applied by a style sheet when being rendered to PDF. In addition documents are generated from standard templates. These templates ensure that the document's style cannot be altered in any way, right to the last mm. All documents generated through UniPhi, stick to the same look and feel. The templates also allow for auto generation of content, rather than having to waste time filling in all the details on every document.
Normally, if a company changes it's logo or address, it would take months to change all the documents, but UniPhi's templates allows for this change to occur in 2 minutes, as documents are generated dynamically from a referenced logo. While UniPhi won't let you go nuts with the same tweaks as MS word, it does assure that your brand is apparent and consistent. 

 "Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect." - Jack Dorsey

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