Tuesday, August 05, 2014

We won!

We won an award for Innovation! The Australian Business Awards recognized our extraordinary efforts in innovation and now...we have a beautifully framed award in our office that we can all flash around and be proud of! It was hard not to win this award, considering all of our latest innovative achievements, including, recently, the Onsite App that is now available on the iPhone.
 What a fantastic title to have next to our name: Innovation.

"Innovation is creativity with a job to do"- John Emmerling

....we have most definitely shown our creativity at work with the practicality of our software. With all this new technology being introduced on a daily basis, innovation is at the up most importance. Everyone is always looking for the next best thing, and we are constantly responding to the changes of now, to create and shape the future. 
Think about every device that you use in your every day life, they all began with an idea, then blossoming into an innovative design that makes life that little bit easier. Innovation is a vital part of our growing world, so to be able to be recognized in this category, is definitely worth a high 5!
Now lets go back to the words Innovation and Creativity. They both need each other to make it work, much like the team here, we all work as a team and achieve tremendous results! 
Now, have drink for us...or two...  


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