Thursday, June 30, 2005

Uniphi Officially Launched

UniPhi, mbh's enterprise project and portfolio management system, concludes Beta testing today. We have delayed the roadshow of this software to early August due to the purchase of UniPhi by Bluescope Lysaght. Bluescope Lysaght at Chester Hill will be the first recipients of the UniPhi system. Deployment begins on July 11 and concludes a month later when the full team of Project Managers and Team Members will be trained. Next will be an upgrade for ILRIC Ltd in Armidale who have been using the previous version (methodology 5.0) for 12 months now. They are currently running a dozen projects that and are keen to utilise the new features incorporated into this latest release. Obviously, we are very excited about this milestone and look forward to communicating more UniPhi success in the near future.

Here's some screen shots of our new baby!

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