Monday, July 23, 2018

UniPhi 14 - Resource Planning

There is one feature in particular which has been a big focus of the recent update.  From working on improving tracking its lifecycles to reports, feature 7 in our countdown is resource planning.

The resource module provides UniPhi users with a variety of different capabilities, for instance; the ability to budget resource hours in a project. 

Each resource in UniPhi has a cost and charge rate against their user profile.

Cost & Charge Rates

This means that when you budget, for example, Denis Adams for 8 hours in a week and he has a cost rate of $50 against his user profile (as seen above), running the report with "Cost" selected instead of hours will result in an output of $400 in the week instead of 8 hours.

The module, furthermore,  provides users with the ability to forecast resource hours (week ending) and have variance analysis between actual and budget, as well as forward workload planning. 

Resource Variance Analysis

This means, you can now report on hours or on cost depending on your needs, view the variance and are able to more accurately plan further in advance for all your resource needs.

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