Monday, July 04, 2016

UniPhi 12 - Resource custom fields

In UniPhi 12, a new resource type (Assets) was added to support our property development clients. When we were scoping this new type, we decided that the best way to support the unique field requirements that was going to be requested from client to client was to create an advanced and sophisticated custom field capability. Once scoped, this was designed and implemented by our dynamic interface guru +Gunawan Herman who has delivered what I believe is the most significant enhancement in the release.

Asset details with custom fields displayed from "Legal Registry Details" down.

UniPhi has always worked hard to provide methodology components that allows each client to configure the system to their own particular nuances and needs. We believe that this is why even though the focus of our software is the construction industry, we have clients ranging from software developers through to child protection agents!

The resource custom field functionality adds to this capability in a significant way. Firstly, you can categorise the custom fields and add any type of field necessary. Our consultant on large projects +Simon Day has utilised this categorisation instantly for a client to workflow how they update an assets details over time. Each asset has a collection of common fields that need updating at the same time, so by categorising the assets to these stages, an end user is able to filter for these fields and for the necessary assets that need updating and then bulk update the data in one screen in minutes.

Bulk update for a filtered list of assets
Of course, capturing data efficiently is only half the battle. The next key is to provide capability to display this data in a variety of ways. Our template variable functionality is key to being able to do this so we have now added a "Resources custom field" tab to the template variable screen. This provides powerful capability to end users and when combined with the new mail merge functionality, this means that managing the sales and settlement of a apartment block is massively reduced.

We will be extending this capability into the compilation of standard government forms further reducing the time taken to manage sales in the property sector.

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