Monday, July 04, 2016

UniPhi 12 - Mail Merge

UniPhi has had a "Mail Merge"type functionality for some time now. We call the mail merge fields template variables. Template variables are queries on the UniPhi database that return text, tables, paragraphs etc into a rich text box that can then be rendered to PDF as a letter or report. The key use of template variables has been in the addressing of forms and populate of paragraphs of text with specific project information like budgets, due dates etc. This significantly reduces transpose errors when issuing consulting reports.

However, again due to the requirements of a new client, we have enhanced this feature to be able to generate numerous documents in a single merge. This new functionality draws on either a selected resource list of contracts list to insert dynamic information into one document per selected resource/contract as per the screenshot below:

Mail Merge Wizard Form
The end output is a single PDF with all relevant documents combined and ready to print as well as an individual PDF per contact. This functionality will greatly reduce the administration burden of property sales for developers come settlement time.
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