Friday, January 09, 2015

Keep it simple - Sharing large files

UniPhi’s cloud based document management software provides a solution to the all too familiar issue of sharing or transmitting large files. Many organisations needs to get information from one point to another. Whether this is a technical drawing, a graphical image file, or an installation executable file. Typically email was the default method for sending files, but as covered in this post; email is rarely the best solution. Email can fail for a number of reasons such as; file size, and security restrictions, or by simply not sending the email to the correct recipient - see didn’t you get my email!?

More recently “cloud based” offerings such as DropBox and Google Drive have provided an alternative solution. Unfortunately services such as these are single point solutions, and simply add to the long and growing list of technologies that project team members must rely on.

UniPhi is different as it is a fully integrated management platform, all information is stored within the context of your organisations specific projects, and is also available for re-use. Additionally all information is available to each member of a project team, which allows teams to collaborate in a transparent and efficient way.

There are several features that enhance the way documents are shared in UniPhi. Some of these are:
  • Meta data is automatically captured  
  • Filtering and searching across projects 
  • Version control is automated
  • Users can link documents to issues they're trying to resolve
  • Users are kept informed of changes to the document
  • The final document can be digitally signed off via delegations of authority
Files saved into UniPhi are immediately available from any web browser, or mobile device. As files are saved into UniPhi, your files are stored behind a firewall and accessible via a secure login. All data being transmitted is encrypted meaning you remain safe and secure, no longer worried about an unreliable email system!  

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