Friday, October 31, 2014

Problem 14 - Where's the Defect?

After a long few months, that big construction job you have been losing sleep over, is now complete.

Or is it? Issues always arise, even when we think that a job is done, so when these issues do come about, we want them to be resolved in the smoothest and quickest way possible. Now let us look at the common scenario:

1. Contractor goes onsite with the Architect and/ or Project Manager and takes photos of the defects/ issues.

2. These photos then need to be catalogued vigorously into a word document. 
3. When issued to the trade to fix, the tradie needs to try and find the issue. This is both difficult and time consuming. Not only is it not clear where the issue is to the tradie, but now he has to figure out what the issue is. Wouldn't it be great if there was a system to smooth-en this process?

Good news, there is and it's called UniPhi Onsite! 
UniPhi OnSite is a mobile app that links with the UniPhi web application. Accessible through both iOS and Android on both tablet and phone. The app not only streamlines the defects process, but any on-site process by:
1. Automating the linking of a photo to a document (see where's that photo blog post)
2. Automating the linking of the photo to an issue that describes the defect, and has a resolution date, and facilitates conversation through to close out.
3. Automating the capture of meta data to the defect (e.g. the project, location and specification).
UniPhi, and Onsite, mean you no longer need to feel harried through the defects liability period. Instead you can manage this process as successfully as you managed each of the preceding phases of your project since its inception. 


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