Monday, October 14, 2013

AECOM Award Nomination

AECOM continuously strives for a certain degree of excellence in all of their endeavours. This desire for such brilliance is key in the company’s distribution of excellence awards. In May of this year, a PCC Global Initiative, Global Unite was submitted for consideration for the excellence award for best innovation of the year.

The purpose of Global Unite is to provide unparalleled amounts of project cost information to decision makers around the globe in order to drive evidence-based decisions within the project environment. At the heart of Global Unite’s ability to provide this information is UniPhi’s project management software. UniPhi’s software was adapted specifically to Global Unite’s complex project goals in order to assemble, present and verify project cost information.

As the software was tailored for Global Unite’s specific needs and is a truly massive, global, collaborative effort (every continent bar Antarctica), the fact it is being considered  AECOM’s best innovation of the year is a true testament to the hard work that went into it and the pioneering nature of the project itself.  

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